Vocabolario italiano dei sinonimi online dating

02-Oct-2017 09:42

University of California Berkeley's Institute of International Studies: Conversations with History Sito molto interessante, offre registrazioni di interviste e lezioni di scrittori, studiosi e politici di fama internazionale, con la possibilità di scegliere in base all'argomento, alla persona intervistata o all'anno di realizzazione dell'intervista.National Public Radio Programmi radio da ascoltare.

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Ripetizione e spiegazione di alcune espressioni più difficili.

Rephrasing Attività di parafrasi o riscrittura di frasi che richiede competenze linguistiche di livello B1.

Easy English Brevi test (10 o 25 domande) di 3 livelli (sempre con le stesse domande oppure ripresentate at random) con correzioni e link a vari siti per rivedere la regola ed esercitarsi con altro materiale.

Filmati con trascrizione e vocabolario essenziale sotto la voce WATCH AND LISTEN.

Nel sito si trovano anche esercizi di grammatica, pronuncia e lessico.

Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it.

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“If they choose not to take action, for me, they are a bystander.”The study exposed multiple instances of high-school principals seemingly misinformed or uninformed on teen dating violence.… continue reading »

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"This would have been a fragile system," the authors write."In flush times, Neandertals would have lived high on the hog (or the red deer), but they may have lacked the kind of diversified resource base and labor network … needed to buffer them from major population losses in lean times." Female skeletons found at Neandertal sites, like those of their male counterparts, have been shown to be robustly built, sometimes featuring healed fractures."That women sometimes become successful hunters and men become gatherers means that the universal tendency to divide subsistence labor be gender is not solely the result of innate physical or psychological differences between the sexes; much of it has to be learned," the authors write.… continue reading »

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And I guess it was just someone kind of closing the door on my childhood and kind of saying, ' Time to grow up now,'" the actor remembered.… continue reading »

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