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Robert Lowe—Summary of first ten years' progress of Port Phillip—Separation movement—Speech of Mr.You are strongly advised to consult the registrars' websites on these issues before contacting them.Please note that we are not responsible for the content of other websites.Fawkner's party lands on site of Melbourne—Batman moves his head-quarters there—Fawkner's account—Who first saw and selected site—Conclusive evidence of fact—The leaders of Victorian colonization—Descriptions of Infant Melbourne—First newspapers—First religious services, and texts of of sermons—First land sale at Melbourne—Disadvantages of Port Phillip lands being sold at Sydney—Route and cost of journeys there from Port Phillip via Launceston and Hobart Town—Williamstown—Geelong—Portland—Port Fairy—Mitchellstown—Pentridge—Journeys of Hawdon and Eyre—Disappearance of Gellibrand and Hesse—Who sheared first sheep—Starting-points of colonization CHAPTER V.

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Sir Richard Bourke's despatch to Lord Glenelg—The Governor's views on colonization—His Proclamation respecting land at Port Phillip—Batman seeks Government supervision—Mr.

Lowe—His belief in a "Mighty Confederacy" of England and her Colonies—Electors of Port Phillip abstain from nominating candidates—Earl Grey heads the poll for Melbourne—Contested election for the district—Other English Statesmen versus Colonial candidates—State of the poll CHAPTER XI. La Trobe's views respecting it—He gives some account of the settlement of that part of the country—The land question—The Orders in Council out of which it arose—The squatters and the franchise—Defences of Melbourne—Dr.