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15-Aug-2017 17:15

It’s easy to integrate, and is highly customisable with themes and plugins.

Tiny MCE is one of the more “complete” editors out there, offering an experience similar to MSWord.

The result is a high performance WYSIWYG editor that offers editing features comparable to MSWord and Open Office.

Demo | Download The YUI Rich Text Editor is a UI control from Yahoo that turns textarea’s into fully functioning WYSIWYG editors.

It comes in several different versions of varying features and complexity, but still manages to achieve a great user experience without a plethora of buttons crowding the interface.

Demo | Download Markitup is a j Query plugin that allows you to turn the text areas into markup editors in any markup you wish.

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If you have used one of these before, or have used another web-based Rich Text editor that you think deserves a mention, then go ahead and add them in the comments area below. If you are still hungry for more info, we’ve got more.If you’re a Mootools fan, then you’ll have no problems with this.Demo | Download Open WYSIWYG is a cross browser rich text editor with almost every editing capability you could want.Allowing users and clients to format their text without delving into code has long been on developers’ priority lists, but these days, providing this usability is far easier than it once was.

Here are 10 text editors that are commonly used, and are worth a look if its something you need for a project.

It features a sleek user interface including drop-downs and buttons.

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