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His side project is now his vocation but, with images this good, you’d have to call it a calling.I also dabbled with a startup, inspired by a collaboration that occurred in the UCLA writing class I was taking, that aimed to match genre fiction writers with specific experts from certain technical fields.My story contribution is titled , in which a student lets his ambitious girlfriend talk him into smuggling guns and drugs.Rojak became available this week on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle editions.This is not the book that I was always threatening to write.This is the book that I had given up even bothering to threaten to write.The first visible sign is my contribution to a book called Rojak: Short Stories from The Singapore Writers Group.Inspired by a gift given to the group by award-winning New Zealand author Andrew Fiu, we’ve written, edited, designed and now published the group’s first annual short story anthology.

All three of these gave me the structure that simply steamrollered any ennui or procrastination or fear that might have been lurking at the heart of my inability to write anything other than marketing copy or powerpoint decks.Crime writers could get anecdotes and procedures from a street cop, for example.Historical fiction writers could find professors, erotic novelists could find BDSM mistresses and so on.Now that I wasn’t writing all day at work, the excuse didn’t hold much water.

That’s one of Zadie Smith’s 10 tips for writing and there are times when it makes sense.xatspace is your page on xat, where you can put profile information, photos, widgets, music and videos. xat Live is a special mode for xat boxes for online events. When xat Account Protection is activated the xat servers detect if someone else tries to login to you xat account.