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together with an account of his life at Fort Stevens, D. ALS from Woodbridge to Lanman, 1863, supplying autobiographical material for Lanman's Biographical Dictionary of the U. An account of his illness, and hospitalization in different military hospitals.; 3.) 1865 Feb. One exhibit with Spanish captions will travel to Honduras as part of the Partners of the Americans Vermont/Honduras program.

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(copy) Edited by Glen Skillin and published in Vermont History, January 1962. Memo of Rentals received from Austin Smith, Robert Smith, monies from L. Howard, and their business and family relationships; also much about his problems with Mrs. Career as a businessman in New York City from 1830-1864; detailed narrative of his experiences as the owner and manager of several hotels, his setbacks and bankruptcies in the late 1830's, and his gradual amassing of a large fortune; considerable materal concerning his borther, John P. Reminiscences about life in Burlington, and travels to Europe in the period ca. Sue Howard was a physician, but she hardly mentions her medical career. Eisenhower and his presidency, national politics of the 1950's, Aiken's efforts in Congress in the late 1940's and early 1950's, his relationship with Eisenhower, Eisenhower's stand on agricultural issues, Eisenhower as President. Mustered out of service soon thereafter, he attended a meeting in Vermont for Democratic presidential candidate George B. Provides brief autobiographical sketch, giving brief details of early life, education, militia service and political offices held in New York, including term as U. Representative 1853-1855; includes brief mention of studying medicine under Jonathan A. De Goesbriand, Louis (Bishop): Canada - biographical newspaper clippings, February 21, 1944 - Translation of memoirs by Rev. Couture, December 29, 1890 February 21, 1944 and December 29, 1890 Record of local events, brief calendar of daily activites, farming notes, husking corn, butchering, church attendance, weather conditions. Duncan; another survey not really necessary, but Duncan has requested one, and Duane wants Cockburn there to check Vrooman's work, as Vrooman is working for Duncan. Chicago, August 23, 1848, about sales of Fairbanks scales in his area; incomplete letter from Alonson Allen, Fairhaven, Vt.

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Discusses pensions for Revolutionary War veterans; Aikens hopes upcoming bill will include provisions for "artificers" and other non-combatants who served the military during the war. During the summer and fall he noted the ongoing engagements of the cavalry in the upper Potomac region and the Shenandoah Valley, including remarks on the battles of Winchester, Tom's River, and Cedar Creek. 1785-1828 Diary and notebook, Clarendon Springs, Vt., Aug. 8, 1865; kept when Congdon was a boy of 11-14; includes diary entries, notes for school, essays, scribblings, etc.; Xerox copy of original at the Vermont Historical Society, this copy edited by Joseph C. ] Note that Cooper copied only the bass part, obviously the part he sang. L., Cyrene Clifford, Stilman White, Sam'l Hilcomb, David Mason, Hemna Hill, Joseph Randall, Luther Severance, David Phillips, John Cuthbert, etc. Vrooman on new survey of live between Duanesburgh and tract of Mr.

James Wilkinson's troubles (Burr Conspiracy), thinks Wilkinson's accusers will wind up in more trouble than he.