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Dear Speed Seduction® Student, According to my customer service manager, one of the biggest things that students ask is where can they get even more word-for-word patterns.

You’ll find them in many of my courses – for example, I cover “Twin Brothers” at great length on the Irresistible Arousal DVD that’s included with the Power Pack.

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We may seem to the untrained to be “sensitive” but in fact, we are providing a STRONG lead the entire time.

Just listening doesn’t work, because WOMEN WANT A STRONG LEAD. Among the many things you’ll learn in Speed Seduction® 3.0 is how to use your language to create states of attraction, lust, fascination and utter desire, with any woman you want – and do it so she thinks it’s HER idea!

You must listen to her responses then STRONGLY LEAD her using them and what you’ve learned from them. Click here to see the many other things, also, and claim your copy right now.

As early as the mid-1980s, a group of gay rights activists, headed by Henk Krol – then editor-in-chief of the Gay Krant – asked the Government to allow same-sex couples to marry.

Parliament decided in 1995 to create a special commission, which was to investigate the possibility of same-sex marriages.

We can see like any other guy, the things that all guys appreciate: boobs, butts, legs, lips, vulva.