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Historian Eric Hobsbawm lent heavyweight support to Enzensberger's latest, Civil Wars from LA to Bosnia (1996), which identifies the growth of what he terms an "autism of violence", a tide of "self-destruction and collective madness" produced across the globe by the collapse of Cold War certainties.AMITAI ETZIONI Born in Germany, raised in Israel and now Professor of Sociology at George Washington Uni-versity, Etzioni is the champion of communitarianism, a post-socialist political philosophy based on community responsibility and social cohesion.His major works include The Third Wave: Democrati-sation in the late-20th Century (1991).A 1993 essay predicts that "the next world war, if there is one, will be a war between civilisations," contending that conflict will occur between cultural regions rather than individual nation states; in practice, this is taken to mean war between Western democracy and Islam.Rep- ortedly Gordon Brown's bedtime reading, the book contends that America's "anxious middle" will reject Gingrich-style anti-government rhetoric and accept a role for the state in moulding the market for the greater good.Electorates, he argues, are sickening of small-government conservatism "dressed up in the finery of a hi-tech age." Bad news for social Darwinists like Charles Murray (qv), good news for Bill Clinton, whom Dionne credits with "a reinvention of the progressive tradition".Not only does the end of the Cold War seem to have averted Armageddon and assured us of a future about which we can speculate, but the demise of Communism has made historical determinism into anyone's game. The cast of 40 seers assembled overleaf forms a mix of professional speculators, cutting-edge thinkers, visionaries and, in the odd case, charlatans.

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PAUL KENNEDY Political historian, adviser to the Clinton administration, and apocalyptic prophet."If you don't change your ways," he has warned whites, "the same God that des-troyed Babylon, Sodom and Gomorrah and Egypt will now bring plagues on America." He's recently opened a restaurant in Chicago.SAMUEL HUNTINGTON Old White House war-horse, and Director of the John M Olin Institute for Strategic Studies at Harvard University.On the other hand, there may be gains as well as such losses: equal rights for chimpanzees and gorillas; the immortality of the mind through electronic media; the aestheticisation of agriculture and the resurrection of the GLC.

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Millennial angst is not enough to explain the current boom in such quasi- prophetic pronouncements: it is as much to do with the triumph of Mickey Mouse over Marx.

Despite allegations of misogyny, antisemitism and homophobia, 1 million men joined him in October 1995 on a march for black rights (women were excluded).